IELTS REVIEW PROGRAM – A tried and proven methodology of test preparation program that will greatly improve candidates chances of getting high bandscores. This comprehensive workshop will not only improve English communication but will also help candidates boost their self confidence in speaking before an examiner or in public.

Our highest pass ratio results in every IELTS exam were always brought about as a result of highly personalized review with well organized tools of learning conducted by competent instructors. 


IELTS MAX -  P 4,500.00

  • 40-hour lecture-workshop  with proven 3 -Level Assessment Format
  • Scheduled practice tests with rationalization until exam date.
  • Updated IELTS materials  /  Unlimited evaluation and coaching.
  • Rubrics kit: Workbook, IELTS manual, bag, pencil, application form, bring home test with audio cd, vcd tutor, speaking task cards, and token.
  • Limited to 12 participants per class / Communicative Teaching Method
  • One-to-one assessment with Native English Speakers and a Speaking Niner
  • Speech management ( vocabulary/ grammar /pronunciation )
  • Online writing consultation with a certified IELTS Niner
  • FREE application processing / FREE processing of TRF forwarding
  • FREE Diagnostic exam / FREE final coaching
  • FREE Personality Development  Seminar ( WINPOWER )
  • Free Orientation and country matching by our accredited agencies.

IELTS REVIEW INSTRUCTORS – Rubrics has a pool of trained speakers who are experienced in handling special occasions and organizing programs which can create lasting impact and enduring memories.

  • Certified IELTS Instructors / IELTS Niners
  • University of Cambridge ESOL TKT Certified
  • ESL / TESOL Certified / English Major
  • Certificate holders of TOEFL/TSE/IELTS/TOEIC/TKT
  • Accredited by the Society of Language Teachers
  • Experienced IELTS instructors with 6 years track record


  • Business English
  • Innovative Customer Service
  • Public Relations and Corporate Branding
  • Networking and Salesmanship