Hi Rubrics Family!

I was like a nobody when I enrolled here in Rubrics, no familiar faces, no friends at first and it feels like oh my makakasundo ko kaya mga colleagues ko if ever? But during my 3 weeks in the "GREEN ROOM" it really changed me somehow,..nop! Actually "Big Change" to be specific...Ive learned alot of things regrets!!!! Rubrics really helped me to boost more my confidence, it really help me to be a "BETTER" me... and also they taught us to be POSITIVE AT ALL TIMES no matter what life brought us.. Rubrics helped me to be #FEARLESS in any way I can...being a part of this family is such a big blessing and I really hope that this school would really help and continue spreading good vibes to everyone who wish to become successful in life like me.... I am very PROUD to say that I’m a part of Rubrics family- TEAM ATLAS!!!! More power and God bless Rubrics Family.!

Jezza May Sanga
Perth, Western Australia


I have been to many IELTS Review Centers, and all I can say is that Rubrics is the best. I only did not learn straightforward and simplified strategies of passing the IELTS but most importantly, I was able to develop a totally positive outlook in life. 

Thank you Rubrics for letting me realize my dream of going to UK!

Kris Angeline A. Galgo
United Kingdom


My name is Thirdee.  I thought that if I passed the board exam then that’s it, I’m living the dream and no more ultimatums. I was so wrong. I realized that there are heaps of opportunities out there (abroad) where your profession is needed and your efforts are greatly rewarded. I see the opportunity but the bigger picture still eludes me because I’m afraid to take the IELTS, because I’m lazy to study. I’m so lazy that in my 26 years of existence, I have never finished reading one single book. Nevertheless, I still took the test. I must say that I'm glad I did the IELTS preparation test at Rubrics. Even though improving your language skills takes more than a short period of practice, the course really does what it promises; it prepares you for the test. Therefore I attended the test with confidence.

To Sir Erwin and the Rubrics staff; it’s amazing to see how much effort you put in this endeavor, like posting connectives and illustrating it with examples. I am writing this note to express my gratitude for your dedication and perseverance, as well as to show how much I value your efforts.

Thirdee Yanez, RN
New Zealand


Hello Sir!
Words are not enough express my heartfelt gratitude to your institution...taking IELTS is terrifying, but because of your guidance, tips, your undying patience and encouragements....I MADE IT!

You are part of my success....again, thank you so much. God bless us all!


Hello sir erwin!

I haven't been able to really really thank you but nevertheless thank you so much still, it's been almost a year since i passed IELTS.. I definitely would not have MADE IT without you and Rubrics' help and guidance. Indeed, you truly are a blessing for all of us. God bless u always and continue to BRING IT ON! Smile