I would like to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect."

People strive hard and work at its best to attain success. I have always believed that one has to work for something using all the best resources available to achieve the desired result. Part of it is to depend of course in our Lord Jesus Christ in everything that I will do because He is an Omniscient God who knows everything and the Provider of wisdom.

Part of my preparation for a better future is the decision to take up nursing and by God's abounding grace I graduated and even passed the board exam. Now the next step is to look for a greener pasture and that is to work abroad. One of the requirements for working abroad is to have an IELTS certificate. To ensure passing the IELTS is to look for the best review center to would provide the best training to bring about the best in my English in terms of speaking, listening, writing, and reading. I am glad I have chosen the best IELTS review center in town that caters all my needs to pass the exam - RUBRICS REVIEW CENTER.

My passing the IELTS exam I believe is not a luck but the effect of a good cause. What cause? Faith in God, perseverance and determination, inspiration from family and friends, and a good choice of a review center.

Sir Erwin Pepino, I am really thankful for the training and the knowledge that you have imparted me. Definitely I am more confident now in my English. You have been such a good mentor and a good friend.

By the way, if you are still thinking of what IELTS review center to choose, hmmm, stop thinking for RUBRICS REVIEW CENTER is definitely the best.